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Chia Girl: Fast Facts About the Fastest Man in America
Did you hear? Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin is officially Team Drink Chia! We really put our heads together to come up with an appropriate title for such an extraordinary athlete and person, so say hello to our Chief Athletic Officer (CAO)! How perfect is that?
Justin joins us this week in California for a huge
It’s finally here! The fairy dust is flying at Disney’s Magic Kingdom as Princess Half Marathon Weekend is underway.

We’ve loved tracking the progress of first-timer Yolonda Tyler. You can read more about this awesome mompreneur here. But just to get you up to speed (get it, a running pun!), Yolonda ran short distances in high
Olympic Training Facility Names the Chia Doc New Chief Medical Director
Are you keeping up with the Olympics? I love watching the highlights from Sochi, and as an adrenaline junky, just can’t get enough of the high-speed events, like the luge and downhill skiing!
If you visit this blog regularly, you may already know my love of treating world-class athletes, like NBA players and Olympians. That’s why

Get to Know the Founders: 8 Things About the Chia Doc!
This week we’re continuing to take you inside the lives and minds of our co-founders. A few weeks ago we chatted with our resident trainer, Mark.
This week, our very own Chia Doc, Dr. Gideon J. Lewis, tells you 8 things you may not know about his typical day and who inspires him most.
Describe your typical

Chia Girl: Checking in with our Mompreneur Training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon
T-minus three weeks until Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend! Among the tulle and tiaras winding through Epcot and Magic Kingdom will be our friend Yolonda Tyler. We introduced you to Yolonda last month and continue tracking her journey to her first 13.1 miles. As we previously told you, Yolonda ran short distances on her high
Chia Girl-Study: Omega-3 Critical to Kids’ Cognition, Chia Recipes to Up Their Intake
Our friend omega-3 tops health headlines again! Let’s run down a few reasons why we love this nutritional gem:

Increased heart health
Reduced inflammation
Improved mental health, including lessening of depression
Enhanced immune system
Luxurious hair and nails

Chia Girl: Family Fitness Month and the 7 Minute Workout App
Do you have seven minutes? I know some days it really doesn’t feel like you have a spare seven seconds, but I bet you can scrape together seven minutes. How about a wall? I’m guessing you probably have at least four walls. What about a chair? Do you have one of those?
If you answered yes

Chia Doc: Two-Time Disney Marathon Winner Trains with Drink Chia
Disney Marathon weekend is finally here! I absolutely love Run Disney events. Two years ago I joined more than 25-thousand runners in one of the largest marathons in the world. Who knew that a bus ride to the starting line would lead to a great friendship?

My VIP weekend package meant a seat on the bus
Chia Girl: Mompreneur Trains with Drink Chia for First Half Marathon
As we head into 2014, no doubt many of you are setting new health and fitness goals. I’m not necessarily a believer in traditional New Year’s resolutions, but rather strive to constantly set new objectives.
And that’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our newest friend of Drink Chia, Yolonda Tyler. Yolonda embodies the

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